New Year, New Site

I've been wanting to have my own site, primarily for my own blog, for some time now. So finally, with the new year, I've decided to pay up and create one. Previously, I've had a free Blogger blog, which I'm currently keeping up and may be found here. (Note: eventually I will take the blog down.) This is my first attempt at creating a Web site and find it necessary as an author as a tool for fostering a platform, expressing myself, and staying connected with my fans. Thank you for your interest and support. I write because I feel myself inescapably drawn to the art and craft of writing, to write down stories of people who should've lived or will or had. It's a compulsion, something that will define my life and steal my days. But it's all good, 'cause I love it. It's this love, more than anything else, I want to spread. Writing, at its best, to me, is inspiration; it's truth; it's magic. Something relentlessly true, yet unexplainably unobtainable in quotidian experience. Like that feeling you've felt once or twice while looking up at the stars. They're there every night, but on rare occasion it hits you like a kick to the liver. Shit. They're all Suns. Billions of them just in the Milky Way. Imagine the planets. The stories. Untold.

Courtesy: Thomas Shellberg