In Search of Lost Time

I've been going through some changes lately that've given me less time to write. It's hard. Writing is my passion. Not too long ago, I was used to having all the time in the world (a lot of time, at least) to write and read. But, now, I'm working a lot more and have more commitments. I have also found the love of my life, and she occupies a significant portion of my time, which I gladly give. Part of being an adult, I guess. Man, really cherish that time when you're kids, guys. It's precious. And fleeting! So, anyway, I just want to say that it's hard, and it gets harder. And having less time for yourself happens to virtually everyone. I mean, when was the last time you were able to accomplish everything you wanted for the day? I honestly can't recall. But you learn to deal with it - and wring time for every drop you can get. What else can you do? In Japanese, there's a saying, "Shou ga nai"; there's no other way. The French have a similar saying, "C'est la vie."