Free write (7/1/19)

Topic: Fall 2018-Spring 2019

Context: Created as a short free writing exercise with some colleagues, fellow educators. I attempted to “freestyle” toward the end. Very little editing. Grammar not important.

The free write:

Nothing really is coming to mind. I will have to think about this more. What happened? What happened during this time? I was teaching. Hands full. Really trying to pay down that debt. Did a good job on that. What was happening then? Conferences and Poet’s Cafes. The conference was such a clusterfuck. Truly. Very difficult to pull off. Six people. Three different scenarios. Where’s Occam when you need a razor? I don’t know. More memorable was the recent Poet’s Café. That Sadiq guy. Will have him on the Pod. Should be fun. Very interesting. Some good hip-hop. Rap the rumblings of people in rags. Some rags to riches. Sad men and women by circumstance but also glad because they stand. Damn, I don’t know, man. But there’s something about it that speaks to me. An energy. A needing to be received. A people who’d never live on their knees. A mind game that’s fun to play but hard to stay and vibe and stay alive. I don’t know. It’s cool. Wish more would show. Many more of these events to go. Where we can grow and see, how the young and old, man and lady alike, fight oppression and life with meaning and life. Reminds me of when Brother M took the stage before I knew him. I remember how it was back then. Singing a song of soul and power, with no desire to cower.