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10/8/19: New episode of Jim Nog Pod is up: “Violent Competition.” It links to the Youtube vid, since it makes more sense if you see this one.

9/19/19: Two previously published short stories of mine are now available for free: “I Love You More” (2015) and “The Book of Man” (2015). Enjoy!

9/2/19: New episode of Jim Nog Pod is up: “The Bronx Over-Thinkers Society.” Look for it where you get your podcasts for more options.

2/24/19: After what seemed like a winter hibernation, an update; new blog post up, titled “Learning from Teaching,” about my first semester teaching.

7/15/18: Episode 16 of Jim Nog Pod, "A Seventh-day Adventist, a Muslim, and an Agnostic Walk into a Bar . . ." featuring Jose Luis Reyes and Noman Jalal is now out.

5/30/18: Your host reads his first published short story, "Homesick," on the Pod.

4/21/18: Listen to episode 15 of Jim Nog Pod, "Like a Nerdfest," featuring Seko 1844 and Zar of the Moon.

3/11/18: Jim Nog Pod #014, featuring Krystyna Matczak, American educator and writer, is up on iTunes. She currently teaches orphans in Iraq for the non-profit: World Academy of Development.

2/18/18: Jim Nog Pod #013 is up on YouTube. It's titled: "What Parkland Has to Do with Young Men, and How to Help Them." Please also check iTunes, among others. The focuses of the conversation include the recent Parkland shooting, MGTOW, and PUA.

1/29/18: Released Jim Nog Pod "012: White-ish." Unfortunately, there's some heavy editing due to one of the participants choosing to withdraw his verbal contribution to the episode. Here it is, though, on iTunes and on YouTube. A fun conversation about race, identity, and identity politics.

11/22/17: Released Jim Nog Pod "011: Daniel Yousef Tehrani." Daniel is a musician and singer. He plays traditional Persian music. 

10/28/17: Uploaded Jim Nog Pod, 010, featuring Dominick Gaffney (IG: @nyl22), former VP of student government at Bronx CC, on iTunes. We talk about, among other things: working at BCC's Writing Center, relationships and breakups, Trump, and making America better.  

9/30/17: Jim Nog Pod, 009, featuring Rebecca YS Perez (@writer.rebeccaysperez, IG) is up on YouTube and iTunes. She is a spoken word artist and writer. She recently self-published a book titled I Hope You Fall in Love: A Collection of Poetry and Prose. We talked over Skype with regards to the book, her writing process, motivations, obstacles, and so on. 

9/10/17: Jim Nog Pod, 008, featuring Sam Kimball (@sammytheoutlaw, IG), freelance journalist currently reporting from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, is up. Check it out on iTunes and/or YouTube. Also, please consider supporting Sam's Kickstarter UNHEARD: The Voices of Iraq, a much-needed mission to help give a platform for those who need to be heard.

By James Noguera
The Book of Man
By James Noguera
I Love You More
By James Noguera